The Revenue Cycle Process is fragmented, leading to a lack of transparency between your billers and senior leaders. This makes it challenging to effectively scale your RCM function and optimize cash flow.  InsideDesk provides an RCM optimization platform to supercharge your teams and provide the insights your DSO needs to grow and thrive.


We provide efficiency and automation, so you can get more done with less hassle. InsideDesk’s platform automates tedious claim research for you, so you can focus on solving problems. We also provide analytics and insight, so you can easily stay on top of your workload.

  • Centralize claims in one place, so you don’t have to keep pivoting between office’s PMS.
  • Minimize time on the phone with Payors trying to figure out claim statuses or details.
  • Easily collaborate with other teams with “visible to all” notes and statuses.
  • Drastically reduce the number of Payor portals you have to visit, and hours spent weekly finding and downloading EOBs.
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We give you visibility and time back into your day. InsideDesk’s platform allows you to centralize all your offices’ claim data in one place. We provide robust team and insurance AR reporting, so you can set accurate goals, provide actionable feedback, and promote accountability to help optimize your team.

  • Insight to view claims and understand how your team works, which claims they touch, how productive they are and where more help might be needed.
  • Automation and workflows that increase team productivity of claims worked by 51%.
  • One dashboard to easily navigate through multiple locations.
  • Eliminate excel reports to track outstanding insurance claims.
  • Comprehensive AR, productivity, and denial reporting to power ongoing improvements as well as executive updates.


We provide automation that delivers better RCM results for less and enterprise reporting that insures visibility across distributed teams. InsideDesk’s platform automatically connects your PMS, payor, and user data providing up-to-date insight on your organization’s resource allocation and related performance.

  • Enterprise reporting to track office and team member performance and effectiveness.
  • Unified insurance AR platform that allows centralization of claim follow-up work for a decentralized team.
  • Insight into trends and a workflow demonstrated to increase cash flow by $65,000 per office on average.
  • Automation that increases RCM team member productivity by 51%, powering administrative scale as you grow.
  • 34% average improvement in days to collect revenue.