Inside Assist

Inside Assist, our claim follow-up software, is designed for DSOs of all sizes. It uses real AI and machine learning to help maximize claim collection and enhance the patient’s financial experience.

  • Fast claim status alerts.
  • With AI, claim statuses are automatically checked and assigned to their respective categories, keeping them separated (to allow your team to focus on what is important).
  • Integrated with the PMS and payer directly, making the claim follow-up process more seamless and efficient.
  • Track and report on denial reasons for cleaner claims submissions and continuous improvement.
  • Open claims in the PMS can be viewed and organized, showing only what you need to see or work.
  • Provides daily updates from the PMS, along with daily claim updates.
  • Usage reporting can track the productivity of RCM staff.

Inside IQ

Inside IQ provides comprehensive Payor AR reporting with detailed analysis of your DSOs health.

  • Key Metrics aligned with industry standards and benchmarks.
  • Easily break down and filter these metrics to find specific data.
  • Metrics are updated daily based on the work completed the previous day.
  • Key measurables with overtime trends are also included, giving you insights into how your practice is performing over time:
    • Payor Claim AR
    • Net Collection Rates
    • Claim Yield
    • AR Age Buckets
    • Clean Claim Rate
    • Collection/Production Analysis
    • Claim AR/Status
Vault Screenshot

Inside Vault

Inside Vault is a unique payor password manager tailored to the specific needs of DSOs. Our product simplifies payor password management, providing a secure and organized solution.

  • Designed for all types of DSOs, including centralized, decentralized and hybrid models.
  • Seamlessly integrated with dental Payor portals for easier access.
  • Share login credentials securely without compromising sensitive data.
  • Easily find the right credentials by office, tax ID and insurance carrier.