TORONTO, CANADA, InsideDesk is thrilled to announce the launch of InsideDial, a cutting-edge digital assistant integrated into our AI-driven Revenue Cycle Management solution. InsideDial, powered by SuperDial, revolutionizes the way dental practices handle insurance payor calls, offering unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and compliance.

InsideDial frees up valuable time for RCM teams by automating your phone calls to insurance payors. No more time wasted dialing and waiting on hold! . Unlike traditional methods that require hiring and training staff for this task, InsideDial eliminates the need for additional personnel, reducing overhead costs and streamlining operations.

One of the standout features of InsideDial is its ability to handle calls with multiple payors at once. And it works with any payor! This flexibility ensures that dental practices can seamlessly navigate the complexities of dealing with multiple payors without limitations.

“With InsideDial, we’re empowering RCM teams to tackle payor calls with unparalleled efficiency and confidence,” said Paul Bernard, CEO at InsideDesk. “Our goal is to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and ultimately drive success for our clients in the ever-evolving landscape of dental revenue cycle management.”

InsideDial marks a significant milestone in InsideDesk’s commitment to innovation and excellence in RCM solutions. As the dental industry continues to evolve, InsideDial stands ready to revolutionize payor call automation, offering a seamless and efficient experience for dental practices of all sizes.

“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with InsideDesk,” said SuperDial’s CEO Sam Schwager. “Their trusted expertise in dental RCM combined with SuperDial’s state-of-the-art voice AI is a powerful new development that we believe will provide enormous value to DSOs.”

About InsideDesk:
InsideDesk is a leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions for the dental industry. With a focus on innovation, technology, and customer satisfaction, InsideDesk helps dental organizations streamline their revenue cycle processes, improve efficiency, and maximize financial performance. Through its comprehensive suite of solutions, InsideDesk empowers dental service organizations to achieve greater operational excellence and financial success.

About SuperDial:
SuperDial leverages HIPAA-compliant conversational AI to automate phone calls on behalf of healthcare organizations. Leading DSOs and RCM companies use SuperDial to handle their outbound phone calls to payors. SuperDial is fully customizable and has been optimized for insurance verification, prior authorization, claim follow-up and provider credentialing & enrollment. By offloading these tedious phone calls to SuperDial, customers are able to save time and reduce costs.