InsideDesk, a leading dental revenue cycle management company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian McBride as the new Vice President of Technology. With a proven track record in driving growth and delivering innovative technology solutions, McBride brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the InsideDesk team.

McBride is an outcome-focused technology executive who thrives on working with passionate entrepreneurs to build new products, create customer value, and drive growth through leading-edge technology powered by robust security measures. With a hands-on approach, he has successfully launched numerous products generating $100M in their first years and supported 140M active users with over 300M API calls per day. Additionally, McBride has led the re-platforming of $200M products with a 15% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), while achieving significant cost reductions of up to 70% to achieve profitability. 

In his role as Vice President of Technology, McBride will oversee the highly motivated agile product and technology organizations at InsideDesk, including software engineering, program management, IT, and devOps. With a keen emphasis on security, his leadership will further strengthen InsideDesk’s ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions, drive technological innovation, and prioritize the highest level of data protection and privacy within the dental revenue cycle management space. McBride’s expertise in ensuring robust security measures will play a pivotal role in safeguarding sensitive information and enhancing trust among InsideDesk’s valued Insiders and partners.

“We are thrilled to welcome Brian McBride to the InsideDesk family,” said Paul Bernard, CEO of InsideDesk. “His exceptional expertise in technology, product development, and security strategies will be instrumental in shaping our future as we continue to revolutionize the dental industry with our advanced revenue cycle management solutions. With Brian’s strong focus on scaling technology teams and security, we are confident in our ability to further solidifying InsideDesk as a trusted leader in the industry.”

With his demonstrated ability to navigate challenges and inspire teams through various market conditions, McBride is well-equipped to lead InsideDesk’s technology division in an ever-evolving landscape. His commitment to fostering a collaborative and resilient work environment aligns perfectly with InsideDesk’s core values.